Maximize Goals and Strategies

A web based simulation game to trigger rich and profound conversations
on maximizing goals and strategies.

Our Clients who have played Diamonds of Amazonia

Which team will collect the most diamonds?

Diamonds of Amazonia challenges teams to go on an expedition to collect as many diamonds from their base camp in Rio to the diamond Valley in Colombia.

The simulation focuses on learnings in Planning & Execution, Maximizing and Strategizing.

How is the game used?

Collecting Diamonds from the valley is a metaphorical way of resembling reaching your company’s targets and goals.

Learn about the diverse objectives, settings and outcomes spanning groups at all levels and across industries.

We support educators, trainers, consultants
and organization leaders.

Here’s what they think.

Diamonds of Amazonia has changed our language. We don’t call goals as goals, but Diamonds.

You learn many things. You forget in 3-4 days. But the way things have been shared over here and transferred to the learners – that makes for a really lasting impression. And you keep on remembering things that – yes, this I learnt in Diamonds of Amazonia!

Participants – Bharat Forge LTD.

“At the outset, I would like to mention “A BIG THANK YOU” for organizing a
fantastic simulation – Diamonds of Amazonia. The arrangements for the game, the time taken to complete it as well as the profound debrief were very crisp and precise. Even the resolution of our queries within the limited scope of time before starting the game made the entire experience extremely engaging and delightful to say the least. All the participants thoroughly enjoyed the session and were hoping that it had continued for long.

HR Team – L&T


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