Diamonds of Amazonia Online Training

You can experience or play diamonds of amazonia in various ways. Every game requires a passcode to play. 1 passcode can accommodate 3-4 people.

Hire a facilitator

You can hire our facilitator and they will conduct the entire session for you. 

● Hire a facilitator for group of 30 people – 500$

● Cost of passcodes for 30 people – 350$

● Additional facilitator (for larger groups) – 300$

Become a facilitator

We will train you to become a Facilitator of Diamonds of Amazonia. You can conduct the game as a Facilitator for your own clients.

You will get –

● License to conduct Diamonds of Amazonia

● Complementary 10 passcodes (3-4 people can play in 1 passcode)

● Complementary 1 Facilitator Certification

Price – $1450

Become a distributor

You can become a distributor, get the “train the trainer” and purchase credits in bulk to play with your clients at a markup price.

Diamonds Of Amazonia Global Partners

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